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The porcelain art from Studio Pieter Stockmans results from a combination of traditional craft production and a contemporary, experimental approach. The designer is constantly stretching the limits of porcelain. The studio on the C-Mine mine site in Genk is the specialist in Belgium offering designs in hard porcelain. Each design is made from A-Z in the studio in Genk.


Studio Pieter Stockmans has focused on limited, unique collections since 1987. Its better-known pieces include the trophy for the Memorial Vandamme and the plates for the royal wedding in Monaco. The studio is highly regarded by leading international chefs including Alain Ducasse and Lanshu Chen. 

Pieter passes on his fifty years of expertise and the love of the material to his daughter Widukind, who has seen to the day-to-day running of the studio since 2007, and his son-in-law Frank Claesen, who creates new designs. Together with a team of six they pursue the special tradition of handcrafted hard porcelain in their workshop.


It takes a lot of time and patience to make a Pieter Stockmans product. Porcelain cannot be moulded; on the contrary, it moulds those who make it. Each step in the process contributes to the unique final result. Hard porcelain is fired at 1400°C. This yields a product that is snowy white and sintered to full density. You can use it and clean it unglazed. It is resistant to just about every cleaning product and abrasive and is suitable for microwave ovens and dishwashers.


Pieter Stockmans creates handcrafted crockery that is brought to the table as a gift and is passed on for generations. The designs are sober and discrete. Because a plate should be a stage that focuses all the attention on the creative composition of the dish.