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Diptyque - Scented Candle 190gr - Figuer LE



Family: Fruity

A candle collection as an invitation to experience diptyque’s graphics. Derived from the play of lines of the emblematic oval, the new motifs multiply the optical effects. The oval vibrates and dances to adorn the packaging and the jars of our iconic candles.


This scent transcribes the woody scent of fig trees as far as the eye can see over a Mediterranean land, the dense scent of the trees mixing the green, barely fruity, notes of a few figs starting to ripen.

190 g

Made in France


For the first chapter of its 60th anniversary celebration, diptyque is revisiting the history of the Maison and paying tribute to its graphic heritage through a joyful and participatory collection.


The oval, the gateway to diptyque’s universe and a symbol of the Maison’s creative freedom, inspired the hypnotic motifs. A truly interactive experience, to perceive, feel and experience.