The BAOBAB - craftmanship



The candles and diffusers are designed in Belgium, a country internationally renowned in the sphere of home decoration.


Each candle is a handcrafted object. The glass is first hand cleaned and heated. The candles are then poured by hand in our European workshops.


To ensure a homogeneous burning and an outstanding quality, the candles require multiple pouring phases. A maxi-max candle for example requires four pouring phases, spread over two days.


Some of the limited edition candles are upholestered with precious Italian leather or handcrafted material. They are assembled in our European workshops by craftsmen with a rare know-how.


As a final stage, the Baobab Collection label and ribbon are applied carefully by hand, the final touch in the realization of this magnificent gift item.



All of our raw materials are sourced in Europe.

The glass is hand-blown in Poland, known for its outstanding glass artisans. Each glass is unique and candles can therefore not be refilled.

Baobab Collection’s wax and wicks comes from Europe. The wicks are made from Egyptian cotton. The mineral wax (paraffin) is especially selected for its burning quality and aesthetic appearance.

The rare and precious leather is sourced in Italy. All of the packaging is designed in Belgium.

Our fragrances are developed in Grasse, the historical center of perfumery. Each olfactory fragrance is a unique creation of Baobab Collection and references the appearance of the candle.


Our candles are composed of more than 90% pure paraffin. The paraffin of Baobab Collection candles is highly refined in order to extract the maximum of harmful substances.


Other ingredients in our candles are the perfumes and pigments that give them a special touch. As much as two additives in very small doses can bind to the fragrance in the wax and fix the color.


A study conducted by an independent certified laboratory found no traces of VOCs (Volatile Organic Compounds) such as benzene, formaldehyde and acrolein when burning of Baobab Collection’s candles. This study also showed that combustion and thermal degradation products are lower in mineral wax than in vegetal wax.


Therefore, burning of Baobab Collection’s candles does not present any risks for the environment or on one’s health.