Ginori - L'amazzone diffuser - Amber Lagoon (300ml)

€ 395,00

Elegant room diffuser (refillable) made of pure porcelain, supplied with Amber Lagoon fragrance kit (300ml glass bottle with 6 wands), estimated duration between 90 and 120 days.   

Fragrance Amber Lagoon 


Olfactory family


Olfactory pyramid

Head notes: bergamot, grapefruit, fig leaves, galbanum
Heart notes: aquatic scents, geranium, lavender, cypress
Base notes: wild musk, thyme, vetiver


It is available in four other versions in the Black Stone, Orange Renaissance, Amber Lagoon and Musk Road fragrances

Symbol of leadership
L'Amazzone (The Amazon) takes charge of her own destiny, emboldening everyone around her. She is proud of herself and the world pays her respect.
The form of a fighting female figure. Proud and domineering, she wears a battle helmet as a symbol of her strength, but also her perceptiveness.