Giobagnara - RUDI - Acquerello Coaster Holder ( 6 pieces ) - Mud

€ 150,00

Finest regenerated leather structure with water-resistant and UV-resistant finish. 


10.5cm Ø

H 3.5cm


RUDI creations are made entirely by hand with the masterly skills of craftsmen who, thanks to their experience, take care of everything down to the smallest detail to guarantee durable and impeccable products, all in accordance with the original tradition of Italian finest handmade leather goods combined with the use of cut-edge technology


Trademarked by the company in 1996, this innovative material is composed of finely milled leather castoffs from the production of sister brand Rabitti, tanned with vegetal extracts, natural latex (extract from the rubber tree) for bonding, natural fats, salts and natural colouring agents. After adding water, the mixture is pumped through a screen.

After being dried, pressed and refined, one obtains a bonded leather fiber material via a process similar to that used in the production of paper. The result is a high-quality regenerated leather boasting elasticity that is both UV-resistant and water-resistant, and which features a perfectly smooth surface.