Venini Monofiori Balloton - col Applegreen -Red large (Ø18 H20.5)

€ 470,00

The vase sheds its skin and changes its function: rather than holding many flowers, it now holds just one. In the meantime, glass moves away from its rigid nature. The innovations introduced by Monofiori Balloton strike and deceive the eye. First in 1970 and then in 2016

Art, Colour, Quality, Uniqueness and Artisanship give life to exclusive collections of hand-blown and crafted glass creations, true works of art bearing the unmistakable signature of VENINI. Unique objects that stem from extensive research and experimentation carried out in collaboration with the master glassblowers.

article number: VENINI-Balloton verde mela - rosso 100.18