Fornasetti Mirror gold- Magic convex mirror with ring Ø30cm

€ 1.100,00

Fornasetti Mirror - Magic convex mirror with ring Ø30cm


Barnaba Fornasetti has debuted ‘magic reflex’, a collection consisting of mirrors originally designed by his father and company founder, piero fornasetti.


The surrealistic series, reinterpreted by the designer’s son, features the incorporation of art, design and fashion motifs throughout the fantastical collection.


The practical function in which a mirror typically serves is set aside in this fornasetti reinvention. The mirrors pay tribute to the mirror-as-magic motif found in folklore and fairy tales in order to draw attention to the collective human imagination.


Each reflective surface, whether flat, convex or concave has been adorned with various shapes and color and exists exclusively as an exploration of vision and perception for the individual being reflected.