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Dr Vranjes diffuser Magnolia Orchidea

€ 60,00

Magnolia Orchidea


A floral fragrance in which the elegant, yet lively notes of magnolia flowers match the softness of orchid. The home fragrance, Magnolia Orchidea is a sweet, sensual, delicate symphony. Perfect to adorn living spaces with energy.

The orchid was the first flower given as a gift by Maestro Paolo Vranjes. WIthin this fragrance, you find emotional attachment linked to the choosing of the flower, the person who is receiving it and the meeting place to give it. The magnolia tree provided the perfect setting for the location. Life is a journey through which there are ups and downs, people come and go, but the recollection of scents stay with you for life.


Olfactory Pyramid:

Mimosa Blossom

Main ScentFloral