Skultuna- Opaque Objects Tray Brass (2 possible sizes)

€ 220,00

OPAQUE OBJECTS x MARTIN BERGSTRÖM. Inspired by the atmosphere of space and the plant Henbane. For Opaque Object, Martin Bergström wanted to intertwine Skultuna's 400 years of history and tradition.

He researched Skultuna's rich archives and found the history of the place and the surroundings around Skultuna and got an answer as to why King Charles IX chose this particular place to build the brass mill. The mystique of the burial sites from the Iron Age, the proximity to the Svartå river and the deep forests, the history and traditions around the mill inspired him to connect it with his own design and aesthetics.

The archives led Martin Bergström, among other things, to a meteorite that struck a few miles from Skultuna on June 28, 1876. Martin Bergström has built all products in models, which have since been transferred digitally.



  • MATERIAL Polished Brass
  • Large:  H: 28mm Ø: 350mm
  • Small:  H: 25mm Ø: 240mm


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