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United with the world - Special edition


The proceeds from Fornasetti's Tema e Variazioni wall plate n ° 398 are donated to the international "Covid-19 Emergency" program of CBM Italia, a humanitarian organisation within CBM International that works on health and social projects to support the most vulnerable.


This charitable initiative was inspired by the words of Barnaba Fornasetti, pronounced at the height of these particularly difficult months: "This crisis in which we are all involved today can only be resolved together, transcending borders, united".


Hence the idea of creating a strong image that would convey a message clearly linked to the period through which we are living: the iconic features of the opera singer Lina Cavalieri, covered by a tricolour mask.


That is the origin of this handcrafted and hand-decorated plate, part of the “Tema e Variazioni” series, which today boasts nearly 400 different versions of the face of Fornasetti's muse.


The symbolic message now takes on a concrete meaning: even imagination can be transformed into an act of solidarity.



Handmade porcelain plate Ø26cm. 



Handwash only.